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About Johnnie's Math Page

Johnnie's Math Page is built for fun and exploration.

I built the first version of this website.  I worked as a math coach at a school that had not performed well on state tests and needed some help- especially in math.

I worked with teachers to better math teaching practices.  I taught groups of students as well- some who just needed some help to get better at math and some who were interested in math and just needed some challenge and encouragement.

The only room available at the school for teaching these small groups was the computer lab.  So you can imagine how Johnnie's Math Page came into being.

The first version contained about 30 sites worth visiting.  I was fortunate to have the page hosted by Lloyd Tabb's portal  I was fortunate to have the Kathy Schrock post the site as "Site of the Day" on her portal for teachers.  I built and rebuilt the site as it became more popular.  Early versions featured many Flash activities.  The present version is tablet and chromebook friendly.

I was an elementary teacher, teaching mostly fifth grade.  I completed my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Teacher Education at Stanford University.  I studied mathematics education as a doctoral student at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  I teach courses at the University for beginning teachers and courses for teaching mathematics to children.  I also contribute to the California Mathematics Council and am on the advisory board for the California Mathematics Project.  I regularly present at conferences.

I work with schools in California and abroad.  I spent a number of years as a middle school math teacher and teacher coach in Munich Germany.  Most recently I taught as teacher in residence at the Istanbul International Community School.



I am interested in working with projects and programs that promote good math learning and teaching.  Do contact me about possibilities.