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Professional Learning
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This is Johnnie from Johnnie’s Math Page and my Youtube Channel.  

I have long shared wonderful math with kids and their teachers and appreciate that so many have found joy and worthwhile learning from what I have offered. 

I teach teachers at university. I work with beginning and practicing teachers to better their pedagogy; mainly in mathematics. I have worked with teachers and schools in the States and abroad. Reach out and work with me to build a program that takes students into rich mathematics learning and a deep care for the subject.


Johnnie will work with your school to make great mathematics learning and teaching happen.

I offer opportunities for professional learning to better your program. I will work with you to tailor learning activities that best fit your goals for student learning and engagement, and your aspirations for effective, responsive and caring teacher practice. I would love to work with you to make the best mathematics program for your students and teachers.

I will bring to your program student-centered approaches to instruction that build math confidence and deepen student understanding, while building a collegial teacher community to ensure ongoing worthwhile attention to mathematics.

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To consider for your program:


Curriculum Articulation-  

Organizing and sequencing mathematical topics to be coherent, developmentally appropriate and rich in mathematical activity


Building Math Culture- 

Working with teachers, parents, and students to make the school’s mathematics program a source of joy, wonder, and deep understanding


Building Mathematics Teaching Community- 

Bringing together teachers to build a collegial community for their mathematics teaching, considering what matters to students, goals for mathematics learning, the benefits of teacher peer collaboration.


Parent Learning- 

Bringing parents into the great mathematics your program sets out by sharing the hows and whys of the mathematics and connecting to parents’ experiences as learners of mathematics and to their care for their childrens’ learning.

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Some of my work:


Istanbul International Community School

Teacher in Residence- Worked with teachers to better the mathematics program across the Junior School within the Primary Years Program.  Focus on curriculum articulation, math engagement across students, language considerations in multilingual school, building positive mathematical mindsets. Model lessons, work with parents, collegial planning, creating a vision for what matters in the math program.


Munich International School

Mathematics Teacher Lead Junior School.  Work to improve mathematics teaching and learning in the Primary Years Program.  Curriculum articulation, model math lessons, parent workshops. Ensuring good, appropriate and worthwhile mathematics integrated through units of study.


Monterey Bay Area Mathematics Project

Leader in Professional Learning.  Planning mathematics teaching institutes, presenting workshops, providing professional learning throughout the region.  Focus on mathematics learning through problem solving, attention to effective instructional practices that engage students and deepen their mathematical understanding.


Starlight Elementary School

Math Teaching Consultant  Professional learning focused on language and mathematics for English Learners.  Focus on making sense of word problems and building mathematical practices that promote language development and understanding of the academic language of mathematics.


University Teaching- University of California, Santa Cruz

Lecturer in teacher education program. Seminars on teaching and learning, courses on methods for teaching mathematics. 

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M.A. Curriculum and Teacher Education, Stanford University

Doctoral Study, Mathematics Education, University of California, Santa Cruz


Asilomar Mathematics Conference - California Mathematics Council

Rethinking the Standards for Mathematical Practice to promote equity and to humanize mathematics learning and teaching

Building Math Games- A project to bring math joy to kids during Covid

The Problem with Word Problems- approaches to teaching word problems with an emphasis on approaches for English Language Learners

Words that Count: Language in Math Teaching and Learning

It’s the Gesture that Counts- The use of gesture in mathematics learning and teaching

Asilomar Program Committee Member

Association of German International Schools Conferences

Finding the Sense in Children’s Mathematics: Looking at Student Work as a Window into their Thinking

Language and Mathematics Learning and Teaching

Questions that Count: The Role of Questions in Mathematics Teaching

English Language Learners in Mathematics Classrooms

University of Bremen, Mathematics Department

Colloquium speaker, Equity and Access in Mathematics Programs, Perspectives from California and an International School Context 

National Association of Bilingual Educators Conference

Language and mathematics learning in elementary classrooms


Big Difference- A Mathematical Journey to Istanbul- Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12

Foxy Loxy and the Lallapalagram- How Words Shape the Teaching of Geometry  Teaching Children Mathematics, an NCTM journal

Mom and Dad Math,  Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, an NCTM journal

It’s the Gesture that Counts- Gesture and Teaching Mathematics  Teaching Children Mathematics, an NCTM journal

Professional Activities 

Mathematics Teaching and Learning

California Mathematics Project Advisory Board 

California Mathematics Council - California Mathematics Project Representative 

Teacher Leader, Monterey Bay Area Mathematics Project, 

California Mathematics Council Fellow, Asilomar Program Committee

Graduate Fellow, Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as, an NSF sponsored project, 

Mentor Teacher, mathematics, Pajaro Valley Unified School District

California Mathematics Project fellow

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